Ted Cruz Appears to ‘Like’ Porn Video on the Twitter

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The US Conservative Republican politician Ted Cruz has been lampooned on the social media after his Twitter account liked a pornographic video.

The Texas senator’s Twitter account Liked a post from the account @SexuallPosts, which contained a two-minute clip from a pornographic film.

Although Ted Cruz has since deleted it, the Twitter post was live on his page for half an hour – and @SexuallPosts has since updated its Twitter description to say: “Follow for the Same Porn @TedCruz Watches.”

“Thanks for watching Ted!” it also tweeted to the US Republican Politician.

The former presidential candidate Ted Cruz has long been known for his support for “Traditional Family Values” and stance against pornography.

Ted Cruz last year stated “pornography … has become a public health crisis that is destroying the lives of millions”, and also tried and failed to maintain a ban on sex toys in Texas in 2007.

While his Twitter account is also maintained by his staff, there is not yet any information on who was responsible, and Mr. Ted Cruz himself has not yet commented on the incident.

Mr. Ted Cruz’s communications director tweeted the post had been removed by the staff and reported to the Twitter.

But, however, many on the social media network platform had a field day.

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