Billionaire Richard Branson Shares Pics of His Luxury Island Showing Destruction Caused By Irma

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Nature doesn't differentiate between the rich and the poor when it's showering catastrophe. It hits everyone equally.

As you all know that destruction caused by the Hurricane Irma has left a major chunk of Caribbean wallowing in murky waters, Richard Branson's private island wasn't bestowed with any mercy.

Richard Branson took it to twitter to share pictures of his luxurious island that has turned into a devastated wreck. In a series of tweets, the founder of Virgin Airlines Richard Bronson shared pictures of his Necker Island and other surrounding British Virgin Islands that were hit by the Hurricane Irma.

Richard Bronson shared pictures of the island and described it as 'Huge' showcasing images of fallen trees, broken infrastructure and destroyed furniture.

Richard Bronson also said that the resorts were decimated but thankfully, everyone seems to be okay.

"The boats are piled up like matchsticks in the Harbour. Huge cargo ships were thrown out of the water and into the rocks. Resorts have been decimated. The houses have their roofs blown off; even some Churches where people sheltered have lost roofs," Richard Branson wrote.

Hurricane Irma is currently being talked about as one of the most devastating Hurricanes ever. It has caused a lot of damage to the region, leaving thousands homeless and even more stranded on the roads with no food, water, and facilities.

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