Following the France & Britain, China Is Planning To Ban Sales of Diesel & Petrol Vehicles

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Following the footsteps of France and Britain, China has announced its plans to end the sales of Gasoline and Diesel Vehicles.

China’s Industry Ministry is developing a timetable to end the production and sale of traditional fuel cars and will promote the development of Electric Vehicle Technology; the state media on Sunday cited a Cabinet official as saying.

But, however, the state media reports gave no possible target date, but Beijing is stepping up to pressure on Automakers and Automobile manufacturers to accelerate the development of electrics.

China is the biggest auto market by a number of vehicles sold, giving any policy changes outsize importance for the global industry. A Deputy Industry Minister, Xin Guobin, said at an auto industry forum on Saturday that his Ministry has begun “Research on formulating a Timetable to stop Production and sales of traditional energy vehicles”, according to the Xinhua News Agency and the Communist Party newspaper People’s Daily.

France and Britain announced in July that they will stop sales of gasoline and diesel automobiles by the year-2040 as part of efforts to reduce pollution and carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

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