After 20-Years, Girl Tracks down Police Officer Who Helped Her Survive a Troubled Childhood

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As kids, our life seems to be confined to the four walls of our house and the boundaries our parents set for us. But what about those who are having a troubled childhood because of their parents?

Thousands of kids are living their life through drug abuse done by their parents, and have no choice whatsoever, so they become their own God. Klynn Scales grew up in a house filled with drugs, violence, and neglectful adults, but her knight in shining armor was a police officer, Jeff Colvin, right across the street.

"He was that one person that I trusted in my life as a kid," Klynn Scales said.

Every day Klynn Scales would wave and say HI to the Police Officer and he would wave back in return. So when one day she wasn't around to greet him, the Police Officer knew that something was wrong.

Upon reaching there, the Police Officer found Klynn Scales collapsed on the floor and he immediately admitted her to the hospital, where she was treated for malnutrition. She was just 9 years old then.

Klynn Scales now lives in Texas. The Police Officer Colvin received an email in June that little girl who used to live across the street was looking for him and he immediately recognized her.

She now sees him as her idol and has even planned to join the police forces. In two months, she will begin the application process.

"Through all the bad situations, I would just picture him saying that he was here for us and that if we ever need him, he would be right there," Klynn Scales recalled. "He would always protect us, and so those words would come to me during the worst times of my childhood life."

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