Mosul Celebrates Its First Eid without Islamic State (ISIS) in Years

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The Iraqi city of Mosul Celebrates Its First Eid Ramadan Festival with out the ISIS- Islamic State in many Years and the pictures were taken during the festival will warm our Heart very much.

We all know that the plight of distraught families and children who have been suffering under the ISIS's rule for so long many years and those for them they almost forgot what a normal life really meant.

But the same bunch of people got to celebrate their first Eid after year sin the Iraqi city of Mosul and the city was veiled in extreme festive fervor.

A combined effort that began last year by the US and Iraqi forces has resulted in the Eradication of the ISIS from much of the Iraqi city.

This emancipation from the terror meant children could gather on the streets, share meals, exchange hugs, and perform chores without the fear of being attacked or dying.

These children then gathered in squares on the eastern side of the city, to play on old swings and others with toy guns and rifles (toys that were allowed by the ISIS-Islamic State after they took over the city in June 2014).

Under the ISIS's Tyranny, Eid prayers were allowed, but the festival was not at all allowed by the Islamic State.

The Eastern side of the city is safe and away from any such rule, but the militants are now besieged in the Mosul’s Old City."As our heroic forces are closer to declaring the final victory over the Daesh (Islamic State) ISIS terror gangs, I offer my most sincere congratulations for Eid ul-Fitr," Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi said in a statement.