South Korea Expects North Korea to Launch an ICBM on Saturday

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South Korea says it expects another North Korea intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch "on Saturday the 9th of September," according to the South Korea's Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon.

"The situation is very grave. It doesn't seem much time is left before North Korea achieves its complete nuclear armament," the prime minister told a meeting of defense ministers in Seoul Thursday. "Some believe North Korea may launch another intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on the 9th; this time at an ordinary angle"

"A special measure is urgently needed to stop their recklessness."

Earlier Thursday, the final parts of a controversial US missile defense system arrived at a base in South Korea as hundreds of protesters thronged the area amid a huge police presence.

Protesters scuffled with armored riot police as they attempted to block the road where US Forces Korea was transporting four additional THAAD missile interceptor launchers to a base in Seongju, around 300 kilometers (186 miles) south of Seoul.

The South Korean President Moon issued a statement saying "now is the time to further increase sanctions and pressures against the North as much as possible rather than seeking dialogue," according to Moon's spokesman Yoon Young-chan.

THAAD has also been opposed by peace campaigners, who have held rallies in Seoul and other cities warning it could lead to an escalation of tensions with North Korea.

South Korea expects the North Korea to launch the ICBM on Saturday the 9th of September, the prime minister says.

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