Tamil Nadu Farmers Invoke Lord Krishna to Make Govt Listen to Their Demands of Loan Waiver

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The images of helpless Tamil Nadu Farmers eating rats and human fecal matters might have drawn the attention of people towards their cries, but it seems that the present government has miserably failed to address their issue even after two months of continuous protest in New Delhi.

The Tamil Nadu Farmers are demanding their loan waiver from the Central Government because they have suffered a lot of losses due to the drought in the State of Tamil Nadu.

The Tamil Nadu Farmers who were in the national capital Delhi had held a 41-day-long sit in after which the government agreed to consider their demands.

The Tamil Nadu Farmers say that they were forced to come back to Delhi after the present Central Government did not do anything about them. But just like their first demonstration in Delhi, the government is yet to reach out to them or settle the issue.

The farmers, who are known to be using unique and innovative protests like, displaying skulls of their loved ones, eating dead rats and getting flogged publicly have done the same this time around too.

The Tamil Nadu Farmers leader Ayyakannu said on Monday they ate human fecal matters and on Tuesday they consumed the human flesh. But nothing seemed to get the attention of the Indian Prime Minister. So, on Wednesday they sought some divine intervention.

One of the protesters, dressed as Lord Krishna 'appeared' out of a yajna and told a person wearing a mask with PM Modi's face to solve the Tamil Nadu Farmer's Issue of the farmers or he will kill him the way he killed his Uncle Kamsa.

As bizarre as it sounds the Tamil Nadu Farmers Leader, Ayyakannu said that Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of Our Country has failed in his duty to address the issues of the Tamil Nadu Farmers. Now with Lord Krishna's instruction, they hope that Prime Minister Narendra Modiji will listen to them.

The Tamil Nadu Farmers said that they will continue their Demonstration until their demands are met with or they will die in the capital city of Delhi.

"Our Prime Minister Modi doesn't want to see or hear us. Our Prime Minister doesn't want to resolve our issues and grievances that are why we are sitting here. We will be here till our death or till our problems are getting solved. Only then we will return and go back to Tamil Nadu,"Ayyakannu said.

Tamil Nadu Farmers Leader Ayyakannu also attacked the Tamil Nadu Government for not doing anything to help the Farmers.

"Since the death of Jayalalithaa, there is no political leadership in Tamil Nadu. The leaders are fighting for posts and they have no time for the Tamil Nadu Farmers lives," Ayyakannu said.

Tamil Nadu Farmers Leader Ayyakannu said that despite the recent rains in Tamil Nadu; most of the places are still facing water shortages as ground water has already dried up. With Karnataka refusing to share the Cauvery river water to the State of Tamil Nadu, the Tamil Nadu Farmers are pitching their hopes on the Government's plan to interlink rivers across the country.

"Water resources minister Uma Bharati has submitted a feasibility report on interlinking of rivers. But the Prime Minister has not taken any steps on this Project despite his promise during the elections. Now Our Prime Minister is treating the Tamil Nadu Farmers like as slaves," Ayyakannu said.

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