This Is Not My India, Says A.R Rahman Condemning Gauri Lankesh's Brutal Murder

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Journalist and writer Gauri Lankesh's brutal murder have left manyb devastated. Apart from raising questions about the security of journalists, many are saying that India is an intolerant country.

The Karnataka government has offered a 10 lakh award for clues in the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh and even a special investigative team of the police set up to find the killers. The cops have asked the public to share any information they might have to help solve the crime.

Many have expressed their displeasure on Gauri's murder and now, reacting to her unfortunate death, AR Rahman has put forth his view.

Saying that this is not the India he believed in, AR Rahman said, "I am so sad about this. These kinds of things don't happen in India. This is not my India. I want India to be progressive and kind."

AR Rahman was present at the premiere of his present film 'One Heart: The AR Rahman Concert Film'. Earlier too AR Rahman had made his points on rising intolerance in the country.

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