After the Brutal Murder of Gauri Lankesh, Prakash Raj Makes A Valid Point on Rising Intolerance

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The unfortunate death and murder of Gauri Lankesh have shaken the entire nation. Recent reports claim that three police teams have been roped in to probe into the investigation. For the uninitiated, Gauri Lankesh, a reputed journalist was shot dead on 5th September right outside her house, by unidentified miscreants.

Her death is now being linked to her being a critic of right wing Hinduism and that has again brought all of us to collectively think whether we truly believe in the concept of freedom of speech and expression.

While many from the film industry have condemned her death and called it disgraceful, Tamil star and Bollywood actor Prakash Raj, who has been close to Gauri since last three decades, has also made his point.

Gauri Lankesh's death has indeed come as a grave shock for Prakash Raj and his family. Talking about Gauri, Prakash Raj said, "I knew Gauri for 30 years. In a sense, we were all children of (P) Lankesh, his ideologies, and way of life. I never dreamt that this day would come. We were taught to be honest citizens, who would never cease to raise one’s voice. In fact, I don’t think anyone voiced their opinion more than P Lankesh himself. This was how we were taught to be. It is astonishing to see where we have come to today. One cannot imagine that this is how intolerant one can be. Where is the freedom of expression?”

Recalling fondest memories of his life with Gauri Lankesh, Prakash Raj added, “Personally, Gauri’s death is a big loss to me. I have very fond memories of her. We were together for a long time; we talked, debated and discussed many things, and have been there for each other during the times of need. It is like losing a family member for me; it is very painful."

We hope everyone close to Gauri Lankesh gets the strength to bear this huge loss.

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