7 Interesting Ways To Bring Cardamom (Elaichi) In To Use

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ardamom, also popularly known as elaichi makes for an alluring spice with an amazing fragrance; not to forget, it adds to the flavour in just about everything. The bright green pods with black pearls can liven up any dish or dessert you can think of. Not only this, it is loaded with various health benefits as well.

According to the book Healing Foods by DK Publishing, a volatile oil constituent called cineol in cardamom may help break up chest congestion, making the spice a good choice for treating respiratory disorders.

It also makes for an effective digestive stimulant and diuretic. Considering its many benefits and aromatic flavours that it offers, you must include it in your daily diet.We tell you interesting ways to add cardamom in your diet.

Add it in your tea

Be it milk masala tea, green tea or black tea, cardamom can be added to all. It not only adds flavour but also a refreshing lift to the tea that a tea lover wouldn't want to miss. All you need to do is to infuse the pods in the tea and enjoy it anytime.

Make your desserts flavourful

Be it phirni, malpua, rasmalai, gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun or rabdi, almost all Indian desserts have a hint of cardamom that gives them a distinctive flavour. Make yourself lesser guilty by adding cardamom to these sweet delights.

Add it in the savoury dishes

You can add cardamom in savoury dishes like chicken and mutton curry, tandoori dishes, curries, biryani or even zafrani pulao and taheri for that matter. The addition of cardamom leaves an irresistible flavour along with some health benefits.

Pop in as it is

One of the best ways to have cardamom is to pop in as it is; not only does it taste amazing, but it will work as a mouth-freshener as well. The aromatic sweet flavour of cardamom can be used to refresh your breath. So keep cardamom pods handy anywhere you go and ensure a healthy and fresh breath. You can also add a few pods in saunf or fennel seeds to add to the flavour.

Add it in your fruit salad

According to the book Healing Foods, freshly ground cardamom can give a surprisingly tangy lift to an everyday fruit salad. Crush the cardamom or blend it into fine powder and add it on your salads to get a distinct flavour you'd love.

Add cardamoms in beverages

Use cardamom in thandai and almond milk to make them taste even better. In fact, you can add a dash of cardamom powder in mulled wine as well. Go on and prep up your beverages.

Use it in your garam masala

If you do not like the ground cardamom into your mouth, just blend it with other ground spices and use the mixture as garam masala. This way, you get to experience amazing flavours and all the benefits of cardamom.

Make cardamom biscuits

Cardamom biscuit is a crunchy delight that fills the room with warm flavours as it bakes in the oven. Quick-to-bake, these biscuits are worth a try. Here's an amazing recipe of cardamom biscuits.

Go ahead and bring these green delights to your use and ensure extracting all the benefits it has to offer.

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