New 'Justice League' Trailer Looks More Batman Vs. Superman than Wonder Woman

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"The world remains in mourning after the death of Superman," one broadcaster notes early in the new teaser. "Violence, terrorism, and acts of war are all on the rise." The Daily Planet only takes it up another notch from there with a simple headline: World Without Hope.

And thus the stage is set for DC's first foray into the modern world of cinematic super teams. DC finally enters cinema's modern super-team game on November 17. Taking place after the events of 2016's Batman Vs Superman, Justice League sees Batman and Wonder Woman returning to deal with extraterrestrial beings descending upon the Earth and seemingly fulfilling Lex Luthor's end-of-world prophecies. In a pickle and without the services of the Man of Steel Superman, the duo evidently embarks on successful recruiting missions for Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash. (The comic-heads in your life may also note hints at what seems to be Darkseid's involvement.)

Given the hit Wonder Woman and miss (Batman vs. Superman) nature of DC's recent offerings, 'Justice League' represents an important outing for the studio. Marvel has comfortably outpaced DC on the big screen—Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, Logan, Deadpool, and on and on—and equally distanced itself on the small screen. Marvel also reintroduced the "superfriends" aesthetic with the hugely successful Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy Franchises, inspiring even the likes of Universal (and its historic monsters) to get in on such action.

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