Actor Anson Mount has Zero Dialogue in ‘Inhumans’

Report Arasu in Entertainment

It doesn’t seem like an actor’s dream, but Anson Mount rides on over from his years on Hell on Wheels to ABC’s new Marvel’s Inhumans (streaming on tonton).

What’s unique about the new role is that Mount has not one single line of dialogue – not an easy sell for most actors.

Marvel’s Jeph Loeb knew how to sell the idea to Mount. And Mount thinks sometimes dialogue is extraneous. “I cut a lot of dialogue in Hell on Wheels,” he says. “More often than not, there’s a lot of dialogue in a lot of what we do in any genre that’s not necessary.

“But I thought it was interesting, always being a proponent of that, that suddenly Fate handed me this role where I don’t get to say anything.

“But Jeph knew exactly how to hook me. He was offering to bring in a linguist and let me get geeky, until the linguist told us, ‘Yeah, that’s not really what we do.’

“But these guys got me a signing consultant, but I couldn’t use ASL (American Sign Language) because we’re not from the planet Earth. I wouldn’t know ASL.

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