Katrina Kaif Crosses the 5 Million Mark on Instagram in Record Time!

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It is exactly four months and 17 days ago that Katrina Kaif made her debuton the Instagram, and she has already crossed the 5 million mark. Quite afeat, we must say! Compared to her contemporaries, she is the only one tohave done so much in such a short period of time.

The gorgeous actress Katrina Kaif currently rules the social media spacewith stunning pictures, witty captions, and grand public appearances,making her one of the most entertaining celebrities on the popular photo-sharing App Instagram.

“I’m having fun. I’m sharing real moments with myfollowers and enjoy having a platform where I have my own voice. It is apersonal reflection of me,” says Katrina Kaif.

Initially, Katrina Kaif was hesitant about being active on the social medianetworks but now admits to being hooked onto it. She clarifies, “At first,I am hesitant to try anything that is new. I have to be coerced andconvinced into it.

That is why it took me for a while to join theInstagram. I was told that I would enjoy the interactions and follow newpeople I like, and that is exactly what has happened.”

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