Bigg Boss Show Popular Contestant Oviya to Make a Comeback on Kamal Haasan's Show?

Report Arasu in Entertainment

The Bigg Boss Tamil Show's popular contestant Oviya is ready to make her comeback on the show, according to reports.

Oviya had earlier quit the show citing medical reasons. The 26-year-old model and actress who quit the show citing medical reasons are reportedly thinking of making a comeback to the controversial reality show hosted by Kamal Haasan.

Oviya, who claimed that she was depressed in the house after being cornered by the housemates, had allegedly attempted to take her life on the show. During her stay in the house, she had managed to gain a massive following among the viewers who call themselves Oviya army.

According to a News report, Oviya was apparently paid Rs. 2.5 lakh every day for staying in the Bigg Boss house. And it is being said that she would make a comeback only if that amount is increased.

The makers of the show are trying hard to make her return possible on the show since the ratings have dipped drastically ever since the actress walked out of the show.

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